Where is Audio Wizard | ASUS Audio wizard | Asus | Music | Asus update

Where is Audio Wizard | ASUS Audio wizard | Asus | Music | Asus update | ASUS Mobile | Asus equalizer |Asus music equalizer | Where is asus equalizer

In new update of asus phones audio wizard is removed from menu there is solution for regain the app.

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  • Please Support to channel & SUBSCRIBE

    TechNature 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • It's on my quick access panel. On android 8

    Shuu秀修 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Hey mate I can't find Apple brand for the headset in the app, why thoo?

    Jujufield 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Thanks bro 👍

    Hasan Kalkan 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Can u please inform me that audio wizard is in max pro m2
    If no then can we regain it by doing this method

    Please reply


    Sanjay Lulla 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • How to update this feature, my version is different

    Anony Mous 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • this apps can't show in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 6gb verant

    mukund patel 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Thanks bro…….bt u r irritating……

    clash with sam 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • My phone is running Android 8.1.0 how will I get it from? It is not even showing in system apps.🤔🤨😥

    Gamer Buddy 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • This means the Audio Wizard app is accessible ONLY from Quick Setup.
    But if I want to regain the Audio Wizard widget and place it on my Home Screen, I CAN'T, because ASUS has got rid of the widget altogether or hidden it amongst system files, unavailable for ordinary users. Correct?
    Another old bug. Audio Wizard still has one irritating quirk: it tends to adversly interact with buggy ZenUI keyboard volume setting. The consequence being the device's whole audible volume equals the ZenUI keyboard's, despite all volume controls everywhere being set to max values. I have to to coax Audio Wizard manually back to its audible high volume by repeatedly tapping Movie or Music or Talk icons until I hear the high volume feedback from tapping. Then the device's speakers hold the originally pre-set highest volume, UNTIL the intermittent bug shows up again.

    Mirek Goldberg 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • So I have a new ASUS tablet and I would like to know what the audio wizard is for and what can it do. It keeps asking for permission to record using the microphone. Call me a conspiracy theorists, but I'm not signing up to something that I don't know what it doing.

    Smelter57 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Not working for me still now

    Abilash Vinales 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Thanks bro, very helpful, 😁

    jackson obello 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • thanks I love u bro

    yuva gani yuva gani 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply
  • Thank u very much i lost it but now after watching ur video i regain it
    Audio wizard of asus
    Its good
    Thanx once again 👍🙏👌🙂

    Sanjay Lulla 01/31/2020 6:38 pm Reply

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