What Actually Makes A Man Attractive?

The same man portrays two different sides of himself. Which do you find more attractive? An original experiment testing the value of masculinity.

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  • Step 1: good genetics.

    Lhanze Jared DiCarpio 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Of course they have to have gay guys

    Joseph Stalin 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Buzzfeed employees are not normal people

    Matty Corkum 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Most important Tip: BE RICHHHH

    Donald Trump 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Well, just have some proper manners and be who you are, eventually someone will be attracted to you.

    Tommy Connolly 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • This bitches don't even know what they want, don't ask them.

    CherPsKy 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • 0:34… sums up everything you need to know about women

    Nicholas Siebels 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • I like the picture on the right on the thumbnail 😊

    Erin Parks 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Buzzfeed. Isn't this objectifying?

    33kaus holokaust 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Thks was awwwsome

    Deltahairlines 451 bishop st atlanta ga 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • I think what this video tryna say don't smile if you are black

    the nigga who did pearl harbor 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Looking for videos to make me feel better. Nope not this one

    Scott Lee 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • This video kind of annoyed me.
    Man: Smiles
    Girl: He is probably gay
    Like is that really how judgmental out society is

    Textra 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • You retards talking about “be good looking” don’t get the point of the video. They’re literally using the same guy to show what BEHAVIORS and traits are attractive

    Mustlehard 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • To me his spirtual health , patient, generous , honest and self confidence who dont hesitate and above all a man who know/loves the values of things and genuine because a woman wont have to trap or trick or watch him 24/7 they selects with convention and stay their and meets all of awoman good expectations by his own free will not because he stuck or have to be with you because you made it so convenient. I look at my self and each time i get it better that iwasnt made to do whatever to get whoever i adore my self too much to allow to be exhausted by non i am an exclusive/rare breed & know it / love it ,if whoever couldnt see it i guess they just need to back to school some.😋😊😚😚
    Self love is an astonishing grace .

    YOUSRA ADLY 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Lol that moment when that one girl Ashley is actually gay

    Bridget E. 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • what really makes a man attractive is simply just playing the push and pull game. this creates a sense of mystery in a woman's mind, and women tend to go more for what is harder for them to get in a man

    Tobi Owolawi 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Women always choose more masculine man but they will always lie about it.

    nazwakontaa 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • It might be an idea to question people who are grown up and evolved. These people are truly horrible and their opinions could not be less important.

    Horace Debacle 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • 5:00 anchor got straight up👍😎

    badal murmu 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • This is pointless bc im not sure if i would ever want to talk to any of these women

    C_minus 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • guy smiles

    The Nigel Douglas 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • 1:22 racist

    James Bond 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Having 3.5 inches of debit or credit.

    Dead Ssixx 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Dude is creating his own stats. Clearly the girls are attracted to the opposite of what he is saying

    All Inspiriation 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • White dude has really studied the brothas lol. Black dudes have the automatic swag that all other dudes have to learn and develop

    All Inspiriation 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Fucken weirdo’s

    Jacko Wacko 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • all this game and personality stuff only works when you can pass the looks test. if you are not good looking enough you are just not interesting, funny or just not her type, lets keep it real here.

    BenX115 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Money

    Rocky Balboa 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Here's a sorta poll. What kind of woman is attracted to this kind of guy: he's poor, black, has minimum-wage job, has no car, lives in rented old house, looks & acts foreign, yet he works a lot in college to improve his skills, he hunts for jobs, & he wants to improve people's lives & the world . . . . oh, AND he doesn't want to be rich, famous or powerful?

    Emmanuel U 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • So according to this online poll, if you smile, look formal, act stoic/composed/controlled, talk faster & higher than normal, are attentive while talking with another person, show emotional intelligence, act passive when critiqued, AND are exact/committed . . . . . . WHAT? Only female type attracted to this kind of guy is a weak sensitive vain high-maintenance woman. Does anyone agree? If not, why would you be attracted to this kind of guy?

    Emmanuel U 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • 6:21 This shows nothing if a guy really wants a girl he plans for every possible odd

    Mulamuleli Mammba 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • Big weenoar

    seth clemens 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • He has to have a thick…..

    joshdavid76 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • So men should be more feminine? To who? that's the question. I think Buzzfeed is trying to say: "don't be masculine! it's bad! be feminine! everyone will like you! even gay people!"

    robertos46 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply
  • This is gay af

    Michael Vey 02/26/2020 2:46 pm Reply

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