Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.

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  • yes. we are all horny sparkly drug addicts

    Ellie Barela 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • 3:00 uh excuse you russians are also extremely good at figure skating

    pugkin 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • lol im just over here in australia where we use only paper ballots… we got no electronic shit in the electoral process

    Rocker TV 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Stan standtan looks like dug dimadome, the owner of the dimsdail dimadome

    Laser Panda 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • The european union has 512 Million citizens. Every 5 years are elections where the votes are counted by people. Why this doesn't work in the US?

    Nicolas Marazuela 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • To fake a manual vote all you need is a ball point pen as well, the idea is you vote near a moderator, who will probably ask , why are you taking the machine apart.

    SuperJohn12354 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • what is hilariouse is that the uk messed with your elections with cambridge anilitca and face book. shame america will not admit the atlantic council was involved too

    Jt Zoonie 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • And also nobody garauntees you the machine's software is not rigged

    Mat Mas 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • As a teen born after 2000, Euphoria is accurate for a certain group of people. Not everyone. Especially not me, because I watch John Oliver instead of other, more popular shows, but it’s potato po-tat-oh. Been watching since the show started, absolutely love it. Thank you for the amazing laughs!

    Madi_Sc 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • And I thought only in India they used this stupid system, now I feel a bit better. lol

    Praveen Kumar 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Tooth fairy blowjob….lacks bite.

    Jo Things 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • A lot of these voting machines in California are old and rigged, and help get people that you want to be in power into office, you propagandist talking head. But you don't have the balls to talk about that, do you? John Oliver- British soldier for the crown.

    John Karpierz 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • To quote Randall Munroe on antivirus-software on voting machines:

    "Imagine you're at a parent-teacher conference, and the teacher reassures you that he always wears a condom while teaching."

    Gluestick Genius 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • 11:54 Is that Lil Gideon???

    MiriMoo 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • He should do an episode about how your vote doesn't actually matter because the president is picked by the electoral college which is formed through caucusing not voting, ohhh and those representatives dont have to listen to your vote cause well… your dumb ass slaves. But hey I'm sure you will go ahead and keep fucken yourself over cause your to dumb to learn anything but where your facebook app is at.

    Chris Butler 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Indian evms and overall process of handling evms is way more secure.

    New World 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Why does this country go to such incredible lengths to make things harder, expensive and prone to failure? Paper… simple, reliable, unhackable by Russians… paper.

    Roach DoggJR 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • "Do you loose sleep waiting for Tooth Fairy BJ?" I love that. I'm gonna use it as soon as I have the opportunity.

    Roach DoggJR 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Get any electronics out of the process. Voting should, for ever and ever, be done with paper.

    Roach DoggJR 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Ill say this about Spicer on DWTS, he looks like he’s having more fun then working in the White House

    LestatandBerial 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • ☘️Ireland purchased voting machines early millennium. Spent nearly 10yrs debating validity + not using. Spent €54million (incl storage+software upgrades). Then recouped barely €78,000 in scrap recycling. Why?

    Because Irish, like many Europeans, value their vote and democracy far more than errors and massive losses in public spending. They angrily accepted the €54million of lost public money and still refused to use the machines. Now Ireland, like many other European countries, continues to vote with pen and paper. And only debates the validity of pencil + paper, because pencil could be tampered with. 😂

    Their "police" (who are not actual police) secure the voting boxes, humans count the votes, politicians watch the vote count like hawks – literally over the shoulder of civilian counters so ensure no human errors or partisan operators subvert the vote.

    Pink Freud 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Well in india we have been using voting machines for over 20 years

    Bruce Wayne 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Philippines, where defeated cries cheating, even in automated elections.

    Rex Rafael Collado 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • dre stands for digital rectal exam

    rufioh 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Stan Stanarts picture looks like Sadam Hussein in South Park

    Andrew Shea 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • You must have a look at the simple voting machines that we use in India and we now export to many countries. It is just a glorified calculator and not connected to any network at all, all the way through.

    Swapna Achuthan 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • The so called best country in the world can't even count votes. Nkw they are even using apps.

    Rofhiwa Tshikonelo 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Bernie Sanders must ensure there is a paper trail for the votes, because it is no secret the DNC have and will try and rig the elections against him.

    Duane Locsin 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • I'd trust my Russian friend to hack the ATM, but not drive the getaway car.

    Duane Locsin 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • I'm a teen and I can confirm that I'm a horny sparkly crackhead

    namu pokemanchan 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • I'm from Peru and we use paper, "electronic voting" here is just a machine that prints paper and then it's put in a box. No billions of dollars spent but no hacks either

    Max Huamán 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Glad that the parties themselves cant manipulate voting machines. They would neeeeever do it. The Iowa democratic caucus approves this message.

    James Indigo 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • 13:00 That's not necessarily the Internet. I assume they're old school dialing (you know, with a phone) into a network that is not connected to the Internet. There is still room for bad actors, but it's much, much more secure than an actual Internet connection.

    Edit: electronic voting machines should just use punch cards. Punch cards are the best solution for secure voting.

    Hyper Kin 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • cough Iowa cough
    First the impeachment now this. Jong Oliver predicted everything

    IvyTruong 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Why are you advocating for "more secure machines" instead of handmarked paper ballots? The only secure voting mechanism is handmarked paper ballots. ALL MACHINES ARE HACKABLE. We have to use PAPER ONLY.

    Mune Yotsuki 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • How 'bout just not having voting machines at all, and count votes by hand in the presence of party witnesses? How 'bout a non-partisan, arms-length federal agency oversee federal elections, instead of partisan state boards? How 'bout the World's Oldest Democracy™ just uses the same methods the rest of the free world uses? Democracy is hard enough. Why are you making it harder for yourselves?

    Marshal Dunnik 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • The problem isn't foreign governments, it's the parties themselves suppressing the vote, demoralizing people, concocting media narratives that are false or misleading, and directly changing/reallocating votes from the parties themselves based on biases. Fyi, it's been nearly a week and the Iowa Results are still not 100% calculated (not even the 1st count).

    The Humanity 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • …………..COOL. O_O

    Liz Mallory 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Potato vodka is as unRussian as it gets.

    chepushila 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • In Stan's defense, someone probably described a VPN to him and this is just how he understands it.

    Lordofthetv 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • "The politicians don't care! Washington believes, that the machines can't be that bad, because after all, it produced them"

    Fabzil 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Hrmmm, recommended on the day Iowa fucked up their caucuses?

    Matthew 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • big up to the Iowa voting app

    Paul Carles 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • If you are worried about Russia and not the ruling class parasites that really run things, then you deserve to have your vote counted by the parasites’ machine.

    No Labels 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Correlation does not equal causation. 2nd time I've seen him say that. Also it's true. I use it.

    Rookie H 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • talk to defcon about voting machine security lol. It's a absolute joke just go in there with a USB and go out a few minutes later and you just hacked a voting machine. I'm not actually going to tell you how to hack one because I really don't know never done it myself and besides I don't want people going around and hacking voting machines or at least with my help.

    Olivia drinkwine 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • Americans: They create weapons that supposedly kill with surgical precision, but they can't even maintain machines that count votes.

    Thomas Müthing 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply
  • 10:18. Not my dad. His black

    DOVAHDEC ドヴァ 02/29/2020 4:52 am Reply

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