VL Commodore Jatco E4N71B Auto Transmission Filter Service & Overdrive Solenoid

VL Holden Commodore ( Non Turbo ) 4N71B Jatco with Overdrive Service & OD Solenoid Replace
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Jatco 4 Speed L4N71B/E4N71B Production 1983–1997
Nissan Skyline RB20 RB30E
R31 Skyline
Holden VL Calais

L4N71B Applications:
1983–1984 Nissan Maxima
1984–1988 Nissan 200SX
1984–1989 Dodge/Chrysler Conquest
1984–1986 Plymouth Conquest
1984–1988 Mazda RX-7
1984–1989 Mitsubishi Starion
1986–1989 Nissan Pathfinder
1986–1989 Mazda Pickup
1986–1989 Nissan Pickup
1986–1990 Nissan Pintara
1987–1990 Nissan Van
1989–1995 Mazda MPV
1990–1993 Mazda Pickup
1991–1997 Mazda Miata

E4N71B Applications:
1984–1989 Nissan 300ZX
1984–1989 Dodge/Chrysler Conquest
1986–1990 Nissan Skyline[1]
1986–1988 Holden Commodore (VL), 3.0-liter models[2]
1987–1988 Nissan 200SX
1984–1986 Nissan Laurel
1986–1987 Nissan Pick Up



  • I have a jdm r31 skyline rd28, plate says it has l4n71b trans, no real problems with it jus doin a service, everything looks same apart from the low band dosen't seem to be adjustable instead of the rod and lock nut protruding it has quite a fat solid looking machined steel piece with circlips holding maybe the rod, could this maybe be a type of auto adjustment?

    Rob D 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • I have a question. I have a 93 miata that has this transmission. Where can I get the solenoids for this transmission? Everywhere I look they don't have them.

    Amhirvor 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • Ive lost 2nd gear in my pathfindwr with this transmission thinking it was shift solenoids??

    Ricky Lee 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • Another well done tutorial, great work

    mike sova 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • Just like to thank you for posting this video this overdive thing has been doing my head in for so long at least now I have some where to start at resolving my OD working or not working intermittently.

    Anthony & Amanda Blackmoore 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • great video mate, ive been trying to figure out why my overdrive doesn't work. I thought it was the instrument panel. I got it working sometimes by playing with the terminals on the bottom plug but now that doesn't work. I'm thinking its the vacuum modulator. I took the hose off the modulator but no kickback and it winds out the gears now but makes a funny noise when idling. I believe it may be a vacuum problem because I would hear it clicking in second and wouldn't change to third unless I accelerated hard. But i'll check the wiring also.

    leigh Hawkett 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply
  • Awesome video mate , in depth problem solving too , good stuff

    KiwiCarpenter 02/26/2020 1:27 am Reply

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