Samsung Galaxy S6 – How to root (CF-Auto-Root) [Tutorial]

In today’s short tutorial you’ll find out how to obtain root access on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The device used in the video is the SM-G920F.

1. You need to have ADB driver installed on your computer. You’ll get that by installing Samsung Kies. However, be sure Kies ISN’T running while you root or else root will fail.
2. You need to download the correct CF-Auto-Root zip file for your device’s model number. Get it from here:
3. To flash the CF-Auto-Root file, you’ll need Odin, it will come in the zip file you download from the webpage. If not, you can always download it from the internet.

Remember: anything you do to your phone or on your phone is your own responsibility. 😉
Using this method you can root other Samsung Galaxy mobile devices (S3, S4, S5, S6, S7…) and tablets, but keep in mind it will trip your Knox counter if the device comes with Knox security.


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  • Jel ovaj build id mora bit isti

    Arthur Mali 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Its fail. S7 edge, sm-g935v

    A & P Mixed Pro. 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Got stuck on "Get PIT for Mapping", does anyone know a solution?

    TRIPSLORD 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • I'm failed sm-g920v . I don't know what happened? Before i used to sm-n900 passed.. but now failed

    BELLA LOVE&TK 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • I had pin, after my phone restarted it asked for pin, then failed and said to erase it all. Now im stuck at samsung boot screen

    Project Soul 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • beware of chainfire. It was sold to a chinese company unknown and might contain spyware!

    Frankie Xenon 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • I'm currently on 6.0.1 and am unable to update to 7.0. The file for galaxy s6 g920f 6.0.1 doesnt exist on cf auto root website anymore. Help please.

    Zakriya Amjad 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • omg lol i just rooted my nans phone

    ihax4uv1 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • will this work if my mobile has android version 7.0??

    Dipesh Maharjan 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Help i cant get out the download mode !

    sxkulolo 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Thanks man! After trying another method which failed, I was very cautious as I don't want to brick my only phone! However it seems to have worked perfectly 🙂

    James Hackney 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Hello,
    After rebooting my phone my root goes away..
    How can I fix that? 🙁

    Snel Internet 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • hello i have the same model but from austria make that a diffrenz? nice video bro 🙂

    Serhat Bulut 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • it wiped all my apps…

    Jordoexe 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • can someone help me it said root access is not properly installed

    _A9 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • can you help me unroot my s6

    Gafie camara 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • On my samsung s6 (SM-G920F) there is Knox! Can I root it? If not how I can remove Knox

    SUPREME. 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Hi I Have Vietnam Firmvare On My SM-G920F.
    It Works???

    Ali Nasrullayev 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • does this have a chance of ruining your phone if root is unsuccessful?

    Ozaire 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Hello I was going to flash the file until i realised the build number (not Model Number) was different to the one on the page wll this make a diffrence

    Pungu Nootmaster 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • So i did this and when i use root checker it says root access is properly installed on this device. but when i try to use apps that require root acces like for instance rom manager, it says : you must root your phone for rom manager to function superuser was not found at ''/system/bin/su or ''/system/xbin/su use google search on your computer to find instructions to root your phone….


    Tom Hagen 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • is it ok for s6 g920fxxs4dpj2 ? any problems with root? if i will do it, i can remove bootloader like chrome, google play book, music, video.. and i can add adaway and other apps.. i know this, but is S6 stable? finger scanner is ok after root?

    V S 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • thx so much brate

    BrooklynProductions 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • after this rooted can CPU in to deep sleep ?

    Isaac chen 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • will this trip knox?

    Rogue Angel 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply
  • Witch is better CoolPad torino s or Lg k8

    leonlav99 04/16/2020 3:14 am Reply

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