Quán Bánh khọt Gốc Vú Sữa – Banh Khot Original Breast Milk

Khot bread in Saigon or in the provinces and regions are already getting excited. To Vung Tau, after immersed in sea green was bitten bread crispy aromatic, hot, the more attractive. The land produces this cake so it has a lot of bars, each serving. The processing in this shop is not bad, but not comparable to the shop’s reputation, which, the most famous may be mentioned Breast Milk Original Khot cake shop.

Located on Nguyen Truong To Breast Milk Original Khot cake though only served on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays but have always been pleased many customers. Even remote client traveled to shop, do not coincide on the occasion of the opening is also determined to linger, waiting for was to enjoy when they are not nostalgic.

Popularly known as the first impression so the shop is “sea of ​​people” that stretches from the street to the end of the bar. Besides, there is smoke billowing up from a giant cake mold, dozens of employees crowded powder, cover the mold right from the door. Crowded, so the “hunter” seat is not easy, so if a team gets going east will have pity “splintered” sit different tables. Still, no one seemed annoyed by them, to be seated while the mass of people to stand was lucky

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