M16A1 Full Auto Fun

The iconic M16 marked America’s departure from its .30 caliber tradition and helped usher in a new era of small arms for the nations of the West. Dubbed the “poodle shooter” by critics, the M16 would turn out to be one of the most effective military rifles the world has ever seen, and it is still soldiering on today with many nations across the globe in one form or another.

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Please watch: “H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle Overview”


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  • Always love this Vid !

    Jowad Ahmed 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Innacurate! Sounds nothing like the original L4D.

    NML Wright 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • It's a pity not like in GTA 3

    Кот Котович 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Bullet hose.

    Ximos Trilox 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Lol that literally sounds like the stock machine gun sound

    misirloupowerslide 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Amatuer boyscouts

    Hawk Eye 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • THIS!!!! should be the reason why Weapons exist! not to killing, but for pleasure of shooting with it. Hope one day, instead of banning Weapons, we'll educate people to love instead of fear and hate! it's not the weapon that kill, but the someone who's using it.

    SoohNabis 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • POG

    John Cuevas 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • It's called a person driller. Back in my day we would have 2 soldiers designated as automatic Rifleman because we didn't have the M249 back then, just a 60 and that was a support weapon.

    James Bond 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Oh my god, I hate these annoying back to school ads.

    Yes No 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • My grandfather was a marine during the tail end of Vietnam so he didn't serve but he used an m16 and has his uniform framed and has qualified as a rifle sharpshooter with the gun according to the patches on his framed uniform he even described what it was like to wear a flack jacket and how it was a big fiberglass vest and even described having a mobile piece of cannon artillery that was carried by the crew in separate pieces and how the person who had the worst job with it was the person who carried the shells for the gun

    Shane Harris 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Go M16!

    A.J. Pfeiffer 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • That can ruin a Vietnamese soldiers day

    Jedi Knight buckley 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • M16a1 and M1 Garand are US’s most successful weapons

    Grey Wolf 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • This video is for people who want to make a gunshots game, not for killing people in reality, warning.

    Clifford Tsang 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • How can I get one of those???

    Justin Bloom 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Nice gun

    Mas Hendry 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Ak sucks

    Edgar Grunert 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • House of the rising son

    Andrew Mathurin 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Gimme shelter

    Andrew Mathurin 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Enlighten me please, i'm not really sure by the word controllable in weapons. Does it has something to do with minor technical issues (reloading and stuffs) or other factors?

    One other thing, just asking for opinion which is better the M4 Carbine or M16a1?

    In terms of these points?

    1. Accuracy
    2. Recoil
    3. Fire power
    4. Maintenance
    5. Reload

    Thanx ✌️

    Ayanami Rei 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • I've used this gun when i served the R.O.K. At that time we use both K2 and M16a1. in my opinion M16 was way better, really well made. but little problem was sight shape i think.

    10cmcmcm 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • This was the standard issue rifle that came up against competent adversary in the Vietnamese and performed admirably.

    Constantine Joseph 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply
  • Ak47 vs m16

    Both guns are great
    Both have pros and cons

    In my mind they are equal in performance
    Ak is cheaper to manufacture and is stronger and fires a stronger round
    The m16 more accurate, and and easier to control

    Both guns are great
    I love both
    End of convo.

    GiGi 05/22/2020 8:06 pm Reply

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