Introduction to Using Macros with JitBit Macro Recorder

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Interested in Drop Shipping Software? There is loads available. Check them out below



These tools all allow you to List items, Reprice items, and do some form of product research or sniping for one monthly price.

AutoDS – Get price & stock monitoring, 100 HOT products and 30 FREE automated orders for $1 first 30 days –


DSM Tool:


This tool pairs with most Listers and keeps track of price changes.

Product Research and Sniping Tools

These tools allow you to identify source URLS of items that other people have already sold before.


JitBit Macro Recorder:
Learning to automate tasks using Macros can save you exponential a mounts of time. I use JitBit Macro Recorder for my macros.
MR Basic:

MR Pro:

MR Premium:

Kabbage Business Loans:
You can sync your paypal account up with kabbage and get a business loan. Kabbage can be very useful for cashflow.

Hydra Lister

Hydra is my favorite tool for bulk posting because the price of Hydra stays the same no matter how many items you post with it. It allows me to quickly and easily post 100,000 + items a month


This tool pairs with most Listers and keeps track of price changes.


Infinii is a “Suite” that allows you to post items and track items as well. It has an extensive database of training videos and an MLM format affiliate program however and is not competitive software.

Address Copier

This tool allows you to copy the buyer’s whole address at once for walmart items instead of copying each field one at a time.

Fees Delister

This tool allows you to delete items that have not produced a sale incredibly quickly. You can delete items that have not sold in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and more!

Tracking Automation (Update Duck)

This tool automatically loads your tracking numbers to eBay from your email account. I personally know the developer.

Tracking Automation (Pigeon Tracker)
This tool automatically loads your tracking numbers to eBay from your email account.


Other Drop Shipping YouTube Channels –

Dropship Tyler

Tyler runs a dropshipping channel and shares information about his ecommerce business. Tyler has helped me (Jack) with a few things over the years. He is a good guy.

Thai Nguyen

Thai does regular videos about dropshipping on eBay

Austin Reed

Austin is doing a $10K Profit in a Month challenge

Paul Lipsky
Paul runs a YouTube channel about Drop Shipping sourcing from Home Depot using Title Optimiation and scaling through Virtual Assistance.

Broke To Boss Girl

Becky runs a YouTube channel about drop shipping from the UK.

Dropshipping Amateur Guru

Carlos runs a YouTube channel about drop shipping in Spanish.


  • i need some help. whenever i record my keyboard on a game, it records just fine, however when i play it plays on the desktop not in the game.

    gedo 7lw 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • wont record mouse movement in games. Really getting on my nerves and cant find a fix

    John Helsper 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • put on 1.25 or 1.50 speed and thank me later

    Yuton 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • anyone know how to multi intances macro jitbit? thanks

    Rish Ramirez 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • great video, thanks

    Piero Rib 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • How do I expect him to expect an image or pixel color on the screen when he appears to do the action? why every time I try to put the If commands it just ignores and resets the script.

    Some Kume 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • i need some help. whenever i record my mouse on a game, it records just fine, however when i play it plays on the desktop not in the game.

    Folk Metal m/ 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • There is a tutorial for the "if" statements use? And more about this software please?

    frank gonzalez 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • My boi look like shaggy

    Cosmic Squid 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • please do more videos like this! i want to know how it's can help us to on e-commerce

    MR. yosef 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • Aside from the great content, I have to say, it's refreshing to see a young Youtuber speaking freely rather than reading from a script, and at normal speed rather than having all the natural pauses edited out via jump cuts.

    omnipop 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • Thanks so much u make me so happy!

    Arto 51 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • .

    Christopher Tangney 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • shut the fuck up and tell me how to hold down keys for my macroing

    Shotgun NinjaDF 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • Thanks. Very helpful! You are the man.

    Gustavo Gandara 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • One QUESTION, if you can answer!
    TRY to MOVE icon in in desktop from one position to another position!
    that not work for me, also i think not work in this macro jitbit.

    If you know how can i have MOUSE CLICK and move to another position and remove click, that can be drop what i click before,
    it is simple question i think, try to move any icon in desktop from one place to another.

    if you find the solution please answer. THANK YOU

    Silver Silvestre 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • Awesome it's working thanks a lot you saved my life.

    xman xmansyr 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • does this support text shortcut trigger. if I type fan it will automatically type fantastic. ?

    VoiD 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • is this free

    Nico VDT 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply
  • fps games

    YT_KINGxGABE 02/25/2020 1:41 am Reply

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