How WP AutoContent Gets You Automated FRESH CONTENT for All Your Blogs and Websites on Autopilot

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Ankur just released a brand new WordPress plugin that AUTOMATICALLY posts fresh new content to your wordpress sites & adds Affiliate Links on 100% autopilot.

I know CONTENT is a huge problem for all bloggers. It can be really boring to write new content yourself and expensive to hire writers.

WP Auto Content fetches fresh content fromm 24 top authority sources like Wikipedia, Top News Sites, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and literally any site on the planet that uses RSS FEEDS.
It even SPINS the content on-the-fly and then posts to your wordpress site. Having 100s of new articles every week on your site
can be amazing for you – you’ll get MORE TRAFFIC.

There are 24 different kinds of sources that you can use with Auto Content and get FRESH content every hour of every single day automatically on your site.

Not just that, you can even monetize this fresh content using ads,
affiliate links and banners to earn passive income from your blogs.

This is the best way to create money making autoblogs without ever
having to write a single word of content.

No matter what niche you are in – this works for any kind of site in
any category out there. If just one site like this could make you
$100 per month – how many such sites would you create?

Here’s a list of some amazing features of this software… 1.Automatically Fetch Content from Multiple Sources
2. Publish Fresh Content Automatically
3. Create and Setup Multiple Auto-Posting Campaigns
4. Publishes Content in Videos, Text + Images
5.Fetch Content From Any RSS Feed – 24 Sources
6.Fresh Content from Wikipedia, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr (many more)
7.Built-in AUTOMATIC Content Spinning
8. Completely Set & Forget Software
9. Automatically Add ADS – Before & After Content
10. Turn Keywords into Affiliate Links within Content

This plugin is very powerful and creating passive income automated blogs has never been this easy.

Did I tell you – there is NO LIMIT to how many articles, images and videos you can post to your sites. Yes, you can post UNLIMITED ARTICLES and create huge sites – remember, more content means more traffic.

So don’t wait, this is a very powerful software, one that can create
autopilot money making blogs for you and you should not think twice
about downloading this.

So take action today and download your copy of WP Auto Content right now & build passive income sites today.

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  • I have a special education site is content sources available for this?

    Gary Page 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • If your still out there… will google crawl this content that is grabbed and rank it?

    Will Mische 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • great video, love it.

    Norsanina Norsanina 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • Great video as usual Demetris. Spontaneous.

    Chak Espino 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply

    Treasure Island 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • Can this automate copying a blog post from another wordpress website? I mean, like, the whole content of the post including the tags, categories, title, etc. Thanks!

    Edward Bryan Ortiz 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • Autospinning articles is not solution. If somebody had the chicken with golden eggs will not sell it. I suggest to search for NLG article softwares which stands Natural language generator and uses artificial intelligence. The NLG article is at first stages and is difficult to find something good from web. Also you can not achieve organic traffic from search engines only using unique content as i have read from internet so make your research to find the necessary elements. I am not expert so i have just started to search on google box ex "bring traffic from search engines" and i believe we are in the good way.

    Evagoras Georgiou 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • Do I really have to buy plugins to do this.

    Marquis Gittens 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • I have been researching a few wp-plugins for automating content both video and article content. The question that i keep asking myself is: can we post the content anywhere on our site? i.e. sylo.
    or is it to a blog/RSS only.
    I am seeking to generate and automate content on every page on site (pages, categories, posts, video and RSS.
    I am looking at another plug-in called Traffikrr (video only) as well. And this is also the question.
    Any insight will be appreciated

    digi Squeeze 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • And my last question is, if posible to put adsense advertisment with fetched content with other youtube channels or news blogs or we can be banned for google ?

    Guillermo Linares 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply
  • Good morning Demetris this plugin can be used with any wp theme? and doy you give any bonus with my purchase throught your link ? cheers 🙂

    Guillermo Linares 02/25/2020 7:39 am Reply

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