How to schedule Automatic Shutdown daily in Windows 10 (Simple Steps)

To schedule Automatic Shutdown daily in Windows 10 , follow these steps:
Open control panel – click on ‘Administrative tools’- ‘Task Scheduler’ (You can open it by simply typing ‘Task Scheduler’ in the search bar) – Click on ‘Action’ – ‘Create basic action..’ – Name the task – ‘Next’ – select the frequency of the task – ‘next’ – fix the starting date and time- ‘next’ – select ‘Start a program’ – ‘next’ – locate the shutdown.exe – ‘open’ – ‘next’ – ‘Finish’ . You have done it..!!
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  • Say you shut it down at 17:00 every day what time the next day does it open up?

    Kenneth Novak 04/26/2020 11:01 am Reply
  • how do I turn it off?

    heyouheyou123 04/26/2020 11:01 am Reply
  • Hello

    Assiv 04/26/2020 11:01 am Reply

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