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Abandon all fear. Attack on Titan 2 is the gripping sequel to the action game based on the worldwide hit anime series “Attack on Titan.”

Experience the immense story of the anime alongside Eren and his companions, as they fight to save humanity from the threat of the deadly human devouring Titans. Try your hand in operating the omni-directional mobility gear, maneuvering and flying through the sky to counter the Titans, and feel the thrill and satisfaction of battling giant opponents.

The latest title in the “Attack on Titan” series is available for Windows!
Players engage in battle in the world of “Attack on Titan” from the perspective of a single soldier. Experience the most extreme and evolved Titan-hunting action yet!

■The thrill of hunting Titans with omni-directional mobility gear action
The thrill of freely soaring through the skies has been taken to the next level!
We’ve included moves that allow you to instantly close in on far-off Titans and slice them with “Sneak Attacks,” quickly circle behind Titans and deal large amounts of damage with “Hook Drive” attacks, and more. Achieve evolved omni-directional mobility gear action that is rich with variety.

■Impending horror, bloodcurdling Titans
Titans are after you!
The Titans’ movements and reactions are more menacing than ever as they encroach on the player, but the situation is at its most severe when you enter threatening “danger zones.”
Charge forth, fly about, and repeatedly unleash powerful attacks on a battlefield ridden with suspense.

■A familiar story, overwhelming immersion
Using the story from Season 2 of the anime as a basis, we’ve prepared an original sub-story for the game under the supervision of author Hajime Isayama.
Enjoy the world of “Attack on Titan” with an even larger volume of content than the previous title.
Also, the story that unfolds before the eyes of you, an original main character, will make you feel as if you are living and breathing in the very world itself.

■An expanded roster of playable characters
The number of characters has been increased from the previous title from 10 to 37! Enjoy going out to battle with an original character made to your liking.

■Interact with characters to strengthen their bond with your original character
In Daily Life sections, characters will appear in their plain clothes and show you sides of themselves you normally can’t see.
By interacting with such characters and strengthening your bonds with them, they will support your original character through “Buddy Actions,” and you’ll be able to experience each character’s side stories.
Strengthen your bond with your favorite characters and set out to battle!

Note: Interfaces and subtitles for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish will be available on March 20th.
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Song: Electro-Light – Symbolism [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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  • Can I use torrent link?

    First name Last name 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • When I click confirm it won't start..please help me

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  • Direct link :

    Juzoo 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • fuck you and fuck your link and fuck your ads

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  • im having trouble downloading it can someone help me ?

    Mia Ray 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • Fake

    twitch Deacay 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • Why mine can't open only the graphics and resolution settings appear and when I confirm nothing happens the game did not open.. Why is that happening?? Pls answer

    HuGMaC 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply

    Young Papi 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • if some of you is complaining saying that "but the link goes to a different one" here it is (idk but its probably that)

    John Christian 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • error archive corrupt

    Sh0CkEr 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • guys after you completed the setup u need to replace the files in the Attack On Titan 2 folder with the one in the CODEX folder.The CODEX folder is in the same iso as the setup

    DyNamiKzFir 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • NICE video you lier clickbaiter wrong link

    Theproroger 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • Why eror save ??? Please help me

    Dimas Bagus 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • C trop bien mec , super 😁😁

    snekram 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • جيد

    RyaD NorddiN 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • when i m presing confirm it wont start

    parkura 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • How to install ?

    INDO CAFFE 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply
  • nice bro

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  • ماهي مواصفات تشغيل اللعبة

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  • that's not even AOT 2 at the end that's the first game. nice try tho.

    Killer Yeet 02/21/2020 1:54 pm Reply

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