How to Attach Any File to an Adobe Acrobat DC Document

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Here I’ll show you how to embed files directly in Adobe Acrobat DC. They can be any variety of files, and will stay embedded with the document wherever it goes.

This feature is handy if you linking to external files is not feasible in your project.

Please note that this video is NOT for Acrobat Reader, as it doesn’t have the same features.

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  • If attachments are added using Pro, can the attachments be viewed by a user who doesn't have Pro?

    Darren Hall 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply
  • I'm trying to attach a PowerPoint presentation to my pdf (easy so far), and then create a link in the pdf that Plays (as opposed to Opens) the presentation. Any ideas please?

    Jo Heaton 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply
  • This is very helpful. How do you create a link within the PDF to the attached document? Is that possible?

    Anne-Margaret Sirgany 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply
  • Two questions: does this work with audio/video/photographs? How do I control where in the document the file is added?? I would need it to appear after a page labeled as appendix. Frequently I have more than one appendix. Thank you, janet

    Janet Burnett 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply
  • is there a way to permanently attach these files to the document? rather than having a link… so that if these files are emailed to a third person, he could simply open these files without having to download the attachments

    Shahadat Walli 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply
  • How can I do this into my android phone?

    Sumit David 03/28/2020 9:56 am Reply

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