Intelligent Welder Series (IWS) are PLC Based Hydraulic HDPE PIPE JOINTING MACHINE HDPE PIPE WELDING MACHINE BUTT FUSION WELDING MACHINE which comes with completely Well Equipped Superior Quality Components to Deliver Exceptionally Well Service Life ensuring Low Maintenance and Easy Operating System.

Application :
The IWS is been designed to make the welding operations very simple for the worker at anyconstruction building site, in pipe trenches, or in workshop.

Advance Features :

The IWS has four high grade aluminum casted main clamps supported by two hydraulic cylinders and hose pipes with quick couplings.

The IWS heating plate comes with microprocessor based PID digital temperature controller for butt fusion welding of PE, PP, PPH & PVDF pipes & fittings.

The IWS has digital pressure indication along with two separate pressure setting valve for drag & jointing which make use of machine very easy with single time setting for same size pipe.

The IWS has built-in digital timers for soaking & bead-up with loud audible & visual signal.

The IWS performs intelligently during mirroring process which provides automatic pressure drop from high to low & timer from bead up time to soaking time by buzzer signal with prefix time & pressure data in PLC.

Working Range with Various Model : 230V – 50/60Hz

IWS 160 ø Suitable for Pipe Size 50 – 160 mm
IWS 250 ø Suitable for Pipe Size 110 – 250 mm
IWS 315 ø Suitable for Pipe Size 160 – 315 mm
IWS 450 ø Suitable for Pipe Size 200 – 450 mm

Standard Composition :Main Machine Body, Heating Plate with DTC, Trimming Unit,PLC based Electro Hydraulic Unit, Trimmer / Heating Plate Stand,Stub end Device, Reduce Clamp Inserts.

Optional : Pipe Rollers

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Nguồn: https://benbachdang.com

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  • Here we go with the 3rd world shit hole countries trying to show off their garbage again… We have had HDPE pipe welders for many, many years at this point. This foreign piece of shit is not going out perform American designed and made units. This POS is small and dinky compared to the real deal. This is not portable as they say it is and would NOT work well in a trench. A good unit is one piece so you can lift and lower it into a hole or trench with a machine, as we dig holes with a hoe here and not by hand as they do, instead of being small and shitty like this one so it can easily be carried by hand. There are 2 plugs on top of the power unit of this POS that will fill with dirt and water and the shitty piss poor controls will not last long at all as they especially with no protection on them to keep them from getting bumped or hit. These shit hole 3rd world countries just waste so much precious materials with this kind of garbage. We already have proper, well made-high quality HDPE welders so do not waste your time making this garbage then try and sell it to us, we are good, we already have our own nice ones we made. These are shitty, failure prone inferior pieces of shit that nobody needs nor wants… If you are gonna try and sell us your garbage, you could at least use proper English instead of the jibber-jabber that is in the description. The name of this POS was used at the start of every sentence, grammar is so terrible that a child could of done better and the same thing was said multiple times but worded differently. What kind of shit hole 3rd world bullshit is that? Now onto this video… Did you strap a camera to your camel and use it as a tripod? What the fuck is with all the pointless zooming in and out at nothing? Over half of the length of this video was the shitty camera trying to refocus itself and just when it was close the retard operating it would zoon back out partially just to zoom back in again seconds later… The in the 3rd world shit hole country fuck is that shit? Zero explanation, which is probably for the better… They showed absolutely nothing, including not even showing any HDPE pipe welding as said in the title of this video and what little was shown was impossible to to see because of all the zooming in and out and refocusing of the piece of shit garbage camera because of that. Then all the side to side and up and down movements with it zoomed all the way in-out of focus made it unbearable to attempt to try and watch… What a waste of time. And what kind of garbage 3rd world shit drill is that? Holy fuck… This video has it all (actually has nothing and you can not even see it due to all the zooming, movement and out of focus shots) and then some, makes me want to buy based of this video quality… Not!!! If they can not even take a few minute long proper, watchable video showing the WHOLE process the machine is capable of, why would I want to buy their product? How hard is it to take a video? It is not hard at all! It is so simple and there are many different editing apps available for free that you can download on your cell phone, which you can take a high quality video with! It does not need to be a Hollywood production but a little bit of pride in your work goes a long way. If you can not even take the time and effort to make a watchable, informative video about your product, what makes you think that I will want your product? It more so reinstills the fact that this is a poorly made, useless piece of 3rd world shit hole country junk. You had of watched the video before you uploaded it I would think? How can you watch this and be like "Perfect! We hit the nail on the head with this one, upload that masterpiece to the internet as fast as our piss poor internet connection will let us", or did it even occur that maybe we should watch it before we upload it? This kind of stupidity just blows me away… I understand that there is not a lot of money in shit hole 3rd world countries but now I am starting to see that there is a lack of brains and common sense just as much as there is a lack of money and modern amenities. The fucking piece of shit probably broke before they could get a poor video of it doing what it was made to do… This was a complete waste of time. From the idiotic use of the English language in the non-descriptive description that says the same thing over and over but using different words, to the terrible quality video taken with the camel mounted auto zoom shit camera with the sheet back drop to cover the shit hole behind them, to the piss poor design and function (lack of function) of the poorly made failure prone machine that is not designed to be in the dirty, dusty, muddy, tough conditions that it would face in a construction environment

    hey man 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • That pneumatic or hydraulic clamp is sweeet!!! Seems so much easier than using a clamp where u have to pull the pipes together. How big of pipe does it work with?

    Chico916 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
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    12vinyl 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
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  • This is the best example of when your helpers are left alone! No ipa, lint free wipes, more facing than necessary, and playing with the hot plate cause your not sure what it’s doing. I expect all of these things from 1st year guys. The last thing I want is another loud audible to go along with the rest of noise I have to deal with… if you pay attn to what your doing an audible is for newbs who should be supervised anyway. And I haven’t even mentioned doing a position weld with the gangly box I no doubt have to carry across half the world to do so. Try again good sirs. Remember who had to lug that thing while you play with it in the office

    Moe Green 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • WTF!

    robert downey 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • That's way slower than the manual way . This sucks ass ! How do you carry that piece of shit say through the desert welding a mile of hdpe for site water . Fuck that .

    cowboy up 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • Where's the welding part?? 🤬🤦‍♂️

    Mauro m 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • Didn’t see any fusion

    Mike 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
  • Seems a lot easier and cheaper to just use a coupling lmao

    Ohio Outdoors 04/25/2020 4:26 am Reply
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  • An experienced pipe welder could have finished the weld in the amount of prep time that machine takes. whatever it does….

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