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WordPress FS Poster


“FS Poster” WordPress Auto Poster And Scheduler
FS Poster allows you to auto-publish posts to most popular social networks at the same time. With FS Poster you will also be able to schedule posts, re-publish previously created posts and etc.

FS Poster Gives You A Great Opportunity To Auto-Publish WordPress Posts On The Most Popular Social Networks Automatically. By Making Use Of FS Poster You Will Also Be Able To Schedule Posts, Re-Publish Previously Created Posts, And So On.
What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Our Plugin?

Save Your Time
You will be able to save your time by sharing your WordPress posts automatically.

Improves Site SEO
You will be able to increase links to your site from social networks.

Increase Site Visitors
More shares will bring more visitors to your site.

Keep Your Social Media Fresh
You will be able to keep your social profiles fresh by posting frequently using Schedule module.

“FS Poster” Supports 12 Social Networks
You will be able to publish your WordPress posts to 12 social networks at the same time:

Facebook ( accounts, personal pages, groups )
Twitter ( accounts )
Instagram ( accounts )
Linkedin ( accounts, company pages, groups )
Pinterest ( accounts )
Google My business ( locations )
Telegram ( chats, channels, groups )
Reddit ( accounts )
Tumblr ( blogs )
Medium ( profiles, publications )
VK.com ( accounts, pages, groups, events )
OK.ru ( accounts, groups )
FS Poster Features
Auto-Post New Blog Posts
The plugin will share your WordPress posts automatically on active social profiles.

Schedule Posts
You will be able to create Schedules which allow you to share your blog posts within the determined interval and selected filters.

Manual Share Panel
You will be able to share or schedule custom contents, images, links without creating any WordPress post.

Custom Post Types
You will be able to share your all custom post types. Example: WooCommerce products, etc.

Posting Interval
You will be able to control your posting frequency with this option.

URL Shorteners
You will be able to shorten your Post URLs with TinyURL or Bitly services.


  • Good video. Through. Thank you.

    Jerry Samuels 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Can I use selected Hashtags also to be post automatically with all my post for autoposting .

    Business Expert 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Through FS poster can we create post on groups/pages we have joined through our account but are not the owner.

    Business Expert 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Can I connect my facebook page also here ?

    Business Expert 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Sir is it useful for ecom product website post also or only for blog website ?

    Business Expert 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Does not work !!! It is written in the background, but there is nothing on instagram! Useless! ((Zra spent the money.

    Pro Sait 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • anyone using the WordPress android app together with the FS Poster plug in for posting your blog posts to social networks? The Facebook and Twitter sharing works great ,but not Instagram, it will only share on Instagram if I insert the blog post image in the “featured image” on the post page on WordPress but if I share it from the WordPress android app FS will not find the image. Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thank you.

    Salvatore Barrile 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply
  • Thanks for the video!!

    Question: "You will be able to add unlimited accounts, pages, groups, communities, etc. on each Social network." >>> That means i can use just a single site license to manage many social media client accounts?

    TheProdisplay 02/29/2020 7:11 pm Reply

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