Facebook Auto Poster – Auto Comment Bumping

Facebook Auto Poster – Auto Comment Bumping. the much awaited features have been added to our facebook auto group poster bot. with the facebook auto bumping comment feature, you can automatically push your old forgotten or lost post back to the top of the group again. this means that you don’t have to keep posting the same links and contents all the time to avoid facebook from blocking you.

the auto comment bumping will reduce the rate at which you get blocked from facebook group posting because you don’t have to post the same content, just use the auto bumping comment feature to push the old post back to the top of the group again.

the reason why we keep posting the same content is to make it seen at the top of the group since after posting, other group members post will push yours down and eventually your post will be lost in the group but with the auto bumping feature, your post will be push back to the top of the group first page again so it will be seen by group members, no stress, no delay as this is done on auto pilot, even when your pc is shutdown, it keeps posting 24/7.

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  • cant make it work 🙁

    john salazar 03/26/2020 11:18 pm Reply

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