Everything U Wanted to know about SPEEDLIGHTS (HSS, TTL, AUTO, LEAF/FOCAL) in 18mins.

Everything U Wanted to know about SPEEDLIGHTS (HSS, TTL, AUTO, LEAF/FOCAL) in 18mins.

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  • Thanks ken kiss principal keep it simple for those of us still learning

    Robertw 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • I bought a sb28 and bought the stand umbrella you suggested I got a good overview from this video but still don’t know how to trigger the flash from my D500 sry am still learning

    Robertw 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • You don’t suck you just educate anyone that complains sucks

    Robertw 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Still don’t know how to trigger old Nikon speedlights bought the sb28 you recommended before I buy second need trigger method as easy as I can I only have one usable hand so must put lights on stands

    Robertw 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Hi there, so basically I DO need TTL flash for a wedding?

    Bob Lee 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Hoping someone will visit this video and clarify some things for me. When using HSS with my Yongnuo 685's and YN 622 trigger…I have to set my CMD on Nikon D800 to Manual, right? The camera in TTL will not function for HSS with off camera flashes and the YN 622 in the hotshoe. Or, does the YN 622 become the *pop up flash and can be utilized in TTL mode when I use the CMD function for the pop up flash??? I guess I'm asking if there are two work arounds for HSS on the D800 with non Nikon flashes and a wireless trigger system. Also, when controlling the flash intensity while in Manual HSS…do I control from the CMD input or from the trigger (YN 622)? I'm wanting to experiment with even less light emitted while in HSS *without closing aperture. Thanks for any help. I'm loving what I've found so far with HSS. But, feel like a blind squirrel that's found a nut or two. I want to KNOW this stuff and all angles of controlling light!

    Shifting Focus Photography 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • A horse of light through a key hole of time. thank you 1000x I see.

    girlscoutcookies916 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Hi… Can you please share your experience about the effects of memory cards on camera and which ones are the best for professional photographers.

    Nachiket Dawar 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Sekonic L308s meter OK?

    robert leckie 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • can the i40a HSS trick work on the xt2?

    robert leckie 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • There is an arguement, that you implied, for using leaf shutter cameras for daylight fill photography unless you want to use ND filters which gets you back into the HSS regime of lower powers.
    Ignoring the Hassleblads etc – what's your view of what cameras to use since there are bridge cameras and, as you said, some Fuji's that have leaf shutters that will sync at 1/1000 or above ( with cutoff of the speedlight pulse )?

    Richard Dutton 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Many people don't understand when you use high speed sync you dramatically cut the distance that you can use that flash because of instead of one high power burst it has to create several bursts to cover that focal plane shutter as the slit travels across the sensor.

    Dennis W 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • I don't think we need high power speedlights today like in the days of film when many photographers was using Kodak VPS3 rated at 160 ISO that was usually shot at 100 or 80 ISO. It was standard practice to over expose negative film that didn't have the high ISOs of today's modern cameras requiring more light. My leaf shutters on my Bronicas back in the day maxed out at 1/500 of a second. I guess some of the Hassies went higher but I never could afford any of those.

    Dennis W 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Hi Ken,

    I think for some people an electronic shutter,( i.e. global shutter) would also work 🙂
    i.e. Nikon D40, D70, D70s, D50 have these, the default sync speed is up to 1/500 , pretty cool. The camera's and flashes combination i.e. a SB-28, SB-26, are a really cheap way to get in to flash, and or high-speed sync techniques.

    Off camera (non TTL), they can be used well beyond 1/4000 ( depending on the flash used, depending on power etc..)

    davin2002 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • So what is the best mode for macro photography? TTL or Auto
    Using a x-t1

    M Sharp 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • This video was a little hard for me to understand I guess I have to watch it several more times.

    Rick Mahoney 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • My Nikon SB 26 says TTL = A I assume Automatic is that correct Ken ?

    Rick Mahoney 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • been watching some of your videos – it's all good information but PLEASE make your audio MONO. Your voice jumping between speakers is terrible to listen to. One voice, one channel, no stereo-information -> mono. 🙂

    Diekötter Fotografie 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Hi!! Which AA batteries do you recommend for speedlight use?

    David Cifuentes 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • My understanding of a leaf shutter is that it's in the lens. If that's true, why hasn't someone invented a leaf shutter lens that you can put on say my X-T1 and the X-T1 focal plane shutter will stay open, while the leaf shutter in the lens does its thing. Do you see what I mean? Then I could buy some old cheap Speedlght and do HSS.

    Danvil 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • How about 'cheating' with a variable ND filter? Advantages and disadvantages. 🙂

    Eric Walker 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • thanks
    there is only few video about speedlight

    Ricky Lai 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • so Ken, I can use this SB-28 with my Nikon FA and have a TTL metering?
    thank you for your answer 🙂

    TomStills 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Jesus dude, couldn't you have made this last week? HAHA! I just looked up everything about HSS on all sorts of websites! 😛
    Seems I'm all set for that with my Godox V860 ii. (Yeah I know you hate Chinese crap! 😛 )

    Marcel 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • Ttl&hss folk bla bla bla….but we both know that afternoon sun ask for some serious peace of hardware, powered stuff which is on your left (and viewer on the right) side.To crush ambiance and get nice even light you have to use stuff on your left and right side.It is a pitty that here in Europe no Paul C Buff is available….have to do with Elinchrome or to drag stuff from US.

    eagleeye photo 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • I didnt realise the auto function on my SB-26 would do anything! I just use it on manual. I have a pain of SB-22’s too. All work like the day they were made.

    Pete 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply
  • I know someone on YT who got so excited about TTL STUDIO STROBES.

    奥古斯托·皮諾切特 02/15/2020 3:44 pm Reply

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