Electrical Substation | 33/11KV & 11/0.4KV Step Down Auto Tap Changing Transformer

Electrical Substation | 33/11KV & 11/0.4KV Step Down Auto Tap Changing Transformer | EEE Practical

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A substation is a common word for ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. When I was a student form my University I always thought about how to make a substation, how to calculate the load that I want and many more. Today I will tell you what we can get from a typical substation. I was lucky that I got the opportunity to make a substation in our factory.
First of all, I want to tell you what kind of substation that I made. As an Electrical Engineer, you must know what kind of substation that you are handling. From my end, it was a Stepdown Substation. That’s means we got the power from national grid and we stepped it down to our required voltage with ampere.
Our main line voltage was 33KV and our machinery voltage was 0.4KV. So we used two transformers for getting this 0.4KV voltage. First of all, it was a 33/11KV step-down auto tap changing transformer and another one was 11/0.4KV step down auto tap changing transformer. You may have a question, what is auto tap changing?
OK, auto tap changer transformer is a special type transformer that adjusts the voltage with your required low AC voltage when the main line heavy voltage (33KV line) is not stable. In our country we are having this kind of problem that why it was really necessary for us.
Now I am going to tell you how many electrical components that we used in our substation. First of all ABS (Air Break Switch), ACR (Automatic Circuit Recloser), Lightning Arrestor, Isolator, PT (Potential Transformer), VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker), CT (Current Transformer), Lightning Arrestor, 33/11KV Oil Type Transformer, 11/0.4KV Oil Type Transformer.
All components are presented in outdoor according to the national certification for the substation.

Welcome back. In this video, I will show you, what you can find in a 33KV step-down substation?
I will take you to form 33KV to 0.4KV according to our machinery voltage.
First of all ABS. ABS is one kind of manual brake switch for closing and opening the main 33KV line.
The second one is the ACR. ACR is an automatic circuit recloser. It’s also one kind of Circuit Breaker.
ACR control panel.
This is the lightning arrestor and it will protect for lightning.
It’s called isolator and it’s one kind of manual circuit breaker.
It is a potential transformer.
It’s called the VCB. When any fault will occur then it will trip automatically.
Now it is an oil type 33/11KV auto tap changing transformer.
And it is an oil type 11/0.4KV auto tap changing transformer.
Again it is a lightning arrestor.
It is a current transformer for measuring the current in HT Panel.
For more detail please have a look at this video description.
Thanks for watching.
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    siddharth viv3k 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply
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    akshay junghare 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply
  • fuse set is not assembled

    Sanjay Verma 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply
  • at 0.48 there is a red instrument above ACR. what is this and another question in 33 kv line drop out fuse is used or not ? thanks for video.

    neon 112 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply
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    Unknown 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply
  • It's great. 🙂 Expecting more contribution from this channel. 🙂

    Sajjad Hossain 02/24/2020 11:00 pm Reply

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