Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

Jimmy gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to react to some popular Harry Potter memes, and The Lifespan of a Fact star reveals how he’s going to manage Fantasy football leagues while doing Sunday performances on Broadway.

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Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes



  • Harry Potter is my crush 😐

    Grifindoor.XX.harry_potter 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Voldemort: You don’t stand a chance. I have an army.

    We have noses.

    • Itz KawaiiCayenne • 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • I was watching Harry Potter with my family I was eating lemon sherbets

    They went into dumbledore’s office which the password was sherbet lemon

    Coincidence I think not.

    Coco nut 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Harry 🙂
    Ron :-/
    Hermione :-0
    Voldemort 🙂

    Elley W 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Hey!

    My teacher met that person

    Galaxy Cookies 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • I thought they were gonna do the “Drarry” meme in there

    Army For Life 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Memes:
    Voldemort: As you all know, I'm Volde-
    Hagrid: DON'T SAY THAT NAME!

    Harry: U-ummm…what should I do..?
    *his thoughts*: Go sneaking into the girls shower room after ginny
    Harry: Ok fine.

    Ron and Hermione kissing : Harry feeling like a third wheel: WE HAVE A WORLD TO SAVE HERE!

    Harry listining to child of the one true king and him singing out loud HELLO MY NAME IS- Ron comes into the compartment on the Hogwarts Express in their 5'th year HARRY POTTER! I GET IT!

    kali chambers 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Perfection.

    MC Gamer 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • This is the only vid which makes me laugh

    Anusga’s Love sign 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • He still has the Classic voice

    Royal High Queen 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Daniel Radcliffe looks kinda like the quy from Hello Neighbor.

    I don't know why.

    Nguyen Dinh Duy 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Hearing James Fallon narrate memes is like hearing a 4 year old describe chess: they think they know what it is, but it just comes out as babbles and nervous chuckles.

    Copperhead 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • OMG my comment has a highlighted reply! and it was just a reply on Lxser- Sofia's comment! thx u Lxser sofia for comment ing because I wouldn't feel so special right now if you didn't!

    Rey Murray 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • cigarette pack adds be like: (Voldemort shriveling up to dust after being defeated by Harry)

    Rey Murray 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • does anyone know this, 'if Monday was a person: (photo of Doloras Umbridge) XD #getrekt

    Rey Murray 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • this show is so boomer I can't breathe-

    T3a’ Cup 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • I the marauders map with Daniels signature up in my room

    Evie Howe 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Fawkes : listen little boy, bring me a burger some fries and coke, and that's an order.

    " Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix "

    Chetan Singh 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • Him : I don't seek them out
    Me : but, but you're a seeker

    Chetan Singh 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • My favourite is RON HOLD ON and I got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one xD its so funny 😂

    Monika De Kock 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • 2:00 paparazzi uhh they swarm me

    Aoife CR 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • He should show drarry to him too…

    xX It's_crystal _cyp Xx 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply
  • It was nice but I would have killed that dance

    Hermione Granger 03/24/2020 4:19 am Reply

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