Buying An Audi RS4? The Ultimate Sedan!

After seeing me drive this car…What do you think as a replacement for the R8?

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Today I got behind the wheel of a 2008 Audi RS4! I honestly did not really know much about this car before I saw it had a “V8” badge on the side. I didn’t think much of that until I researched that it has the same 4.2L V8 with 420HP and 317 lb ft of torque, the exact same numbers as my 2010 Audi R8 V8! Since this is a 4 seater it does weight more than my car which affects its acceleration a bit more, but it is still a much family sedan to drive! It is practical with the awd system and plenty of storage space. The shifts are smooth and it’s easy to drive once you get use to how quickly the clutch engages. Do you guys think this is a cool car to have along side my R8?? Let me know what you think!

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  • This car with the titanium package smh, perfection!

    Josiah Thibodeaux 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • you're a car channel and you have no clue about the cars you drive or even own…

    Gavin Sloma 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • The US got the crap seats and steering wheel? That’s a bit shit 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Chris Turner 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Dude v8 is BOSS!

    Marshall Winterbach 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Does he have an R8? That wasn’t clear in the video.

    nadacool 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I have one, and it’s an amazing car! For anyone that knows they’ll be very impressed and you’ll get compliments. I’d even say have both. Use this as a daily. These are actually more rare than an R8. Only about 2800 sold here total, including cabrios

    Steven B 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I've never heard the words "my r8" so many times in one video. Take a shot every time he says "my r8". See how you feel.

    Austin K 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Noticeable that so much is similar to a newer by 2yrs R8 interior-wise. Disappointing R8 Halo- car doesn’t have unique switchgear at least. 🇬🇧

    Paul Davis 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • So is this anything like your r8? You never mentioned that

    Jonathan Martinez 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • rich kid

    Kk La 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • u say r8 more than rs4 in a rs4 video

    kamionkami1 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Not a reasonable purchase for most (heavy, terrible gas mileage, outdated infotainment), but a great one for an enthusiast. Gorgeous old school Audi quattro with a high revving V8, great RS goodies, and manual! A dying breed indeed. I wanna get one while they're still out there. I've had a b7 A4 and a TTS, so this would be kind of a combination of those.
    Just gotta remember, it still has the maintenance costs of a $70k car…

    Gary Mathe 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Was the rs4 discontinued?

    Mind HunTer 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • i bought this car about 2 months ago sight unseen lol. funny watching someone else drive what is now my car. That clutch has since been replaced with a stage 3 along with other goodies including exhaust.

    Matthew Mastromarino 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Seen a few here in the DFW area for sale with comparable mileage are going in the mid 20's. For what you get performance wise, it's a bargain price if you asked me..

    Kras 4 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Only the new Rs4 is v6 twin turbocharged now.

    Q U A T T R O 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • My dream car 🙂

    Q U A T T R O 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Dude, 2007/2008 RS4 only comes in V8. Do better research

    Ryan Tate 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I have nearly this exact car , and would only swap to an R8 if I had to change. Would you say it's a worthy swap or would I have to change to the v10 to make it worthwhile

    Ri C 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Get one.

    B7 RS4 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Can't wait to get my 2007 back from a $7500 clutch and tires. Hope you have a slush fund.

    formatviolation 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Dude. It winds to 8500 … use that power band!! You are shifting too quick…. NO V6! You are driving a monster.

    formatviolation 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Cool. I own one. Get one. Not many cars have v8. 4 door. And AWD system. And stick. In 2007 this car was ahead of it's time. I just hit 61k on mine

    DailyDrivenTurbo 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • You know nothing if your going at that with those miles vs price. 100k mile rs4 in that spec is worth 18k.

    pdxthriftking 503 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I've never seen or heard of a RS4 coming in anything less than the 420hp V8. It doesn't seem like he's done much homework on his Audi's even though he owns one. I've owned a ton of Audi's and VW's we can tell when you've been around these vehicles.

    No Flex Needed 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Saw this car, good condition for such high mileage. was snapped up after a few weeks on the lot.

    Michael Colligan 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I do like these for what they are. I heard Audi’s are money pits though as they get older. There’s a reason German cars are so cheap on the used market which I’m sure everyone is aware of. I like these though interiors are cooler than the m3 of that era. But it don’t drive like an m3.

    Max Kors 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Buying

    AJDARI ILHAN 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Nice video! I was looking for an RS4 a while ago and there weren’t many videos for it. Also all RS4’s have the V8, I think it’s the S4’s that have the V6.

    Ramses Larin 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Couple corrections:

    All RS4's and in fact S4's from that time are V8, no V6's are offered.

    Also they have xenon headlights, not LED

    Ryan Clark 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Personally wouldn't buy a DD that is very similar to my fun car. Gotta separate those experiences!

    Cars Uncovered 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • no wing backs though.

    Ad 3yk 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Currently have a 16 B8.5 , this was my dream car in high school. Funny I’ve been looking at them on Autotrader recently, still super expensive 😒

    Tory Stephens 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • No don’t buy it

    Ge Thao 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Overpriced and such a low engagement might indicate transmission service in the near future.

    CountlessTech 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Nice choice

    The Mexican Burrito 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Buy it

    Uncle Yeetus 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Too much money for it.

    Julio Liriano 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • Such a shit ugly car

    XfiRated 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • What do you think the dealer paid for it? I'll guess 17k.

    amill1563 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • I’ve been looking at RS4s lately myself! Great video!

    Derek OBrien 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply
  • U getting old !!!!!
    Either way u go,u cant go wrong.

    Just a Dad 03/29/2020 2:14 am Reply

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