Bluestacks: Auto Clicker for Android | Mouse with Tap or Touch or Click

i’m sr cpu % gpu % error when capture(not real time).
but it is using low % and very smooth.
This help you not need click(detroy) mouse or tap(break) screen of you.
$650 for Gaming | Bluestack with Android PC
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Auto Clicker:

Bluestacks | Android Game PC:

#Demo with Idle Space
1. Auto Click to fire
2. Auto Click Upgrades(Dame/Click)
1. Set Shortcut start/stop: Click Box and Press “Ctrl+F5”, press Assign to save.
2. Set mouse/click position with shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+C, press Assign to save.
3. Select game and get position and save click.
4. Select “Start” tool to repeate auto click again.
Done, see me test.
Demo(4 click):
1. delay( 50) repeat(100): click to fire
2. delay(100) repeat( 1): click to poen Upgrade
3. delay( 50) repeat( 5): click to add level up(dame/click)
4. delay( 50) repeat( 1): click to re loop


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