AutoTouch Tweak for iOS 8 – 11.3.1

Hello, in this video I showcase you an amazing tweak from inside Cydia called AutoTouch. I’ve been wanting to make a video on this tweak for a while, as it is one of my top favorite tweaks on Cydia. This can be used for many and many of reasons, in this video I tell you a couple, but it can basically be used for any app or game. Anything you want, basically.

AutoTouch is a tweak that costs $4.99 on Cydia on the BigBoss repo that allows you to record where you you touch on the screen and allows you to play back of where you touched the screen and touches the screen for you. You can set this at a custom speed and how ever many times you would like. The uses of this tweak are beyond unlimited!

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  • hey when i tap on it it does not show the loop where i cam add times? do u know why or how i can do it?

    Alexone Xavi 02/25/2020 5:52 pm Reply
  • I need your help when press up it doesn’t show up!

    COOL YOUTUBERS 02/25/2020 5:52 pm Reply
  • I’m 11.1.1 I got jailbroken phone is there any way to get free licenses?

    GoatedHIGH 02/25/2020 5:52 pm Reply
  • I'm really interested in autotouch… The problem is my IOS is not jailbroken… can I still use autouch without jailbreak after i pay the money. and I use IOS 12…please reply to me. thanks

    Chat Chess05 02/25/2020 5:52 pm Reply

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