Auto Key Presser

Welcome to this Video Demonstration of Auto Key Presser. This Video Displays two different types of Automatic Keystroke Pressing Software Utilities. The First one is Auto Keyboard by available at which can press a single Keystroke at pre-defined Fixed or Controllable Variable Speed. The Automated Keystrokes can be sent to active Application, Game or any Window with Keyboard Focus. This Auto Key Presser also allows you to send Keystrokes directly to a specific Application Window or Game without the need to have Keyboard Focus. You can Control the Automated Keystroke Pressing by Configuring a Global Keyboard Shortcut. The Auto Keyboard by also contains Key Presser for Direct-X Games or other Games which run in Full Screen Mode. There are Tutorials available from within the Graphical User Interface of this Auto Key Presser.

The Second Auto Key Presser Software Displayed in this Video is a complete Mouse and Keyboard Automation Utility titled Auto Mouse Click by available from It does contains a dedicated Auto Key Presser which allows you to Send Automated Keystrokes to active Application Window. Apart from Pressing a single Keystroke multiple times at configurable speed, you can also type text sentences, simulate Mouse Clicking, Launch or Close Application Windows and much more. By creating a Script, you can design your own Auto Key Presser to press Keystrokes as you want. Yes this Windows Automation Utility does have a Keystroke Recorder which allows you to Record and Playback Keystrokes in a really easy and simple way.

Give a try to any or both of the Auto Key Presser Software Applications. Now you can automate Keystroke Pressing at speed of your choice and control all aspects of Keystrokes Automated by you selected Auto Key Presser Software. Download Free trial of any of the Keyboard Automation Utilities and press as many keystrokes as you want.


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