Audio Recorder Pro using Android Studio PART 3 (Main Activity)

In this video series, i will teach you how you can develop your own audio recorder or Voice recorder app using android studio. This series will contain almost 15 videos. So this is the first part of the video series.

This will be part 3 of my video series on audio recorder or Sound Recorder app using Android Studio. In this video, we will create the MainActivity class and write code for the fragment adapter.

You will learn a lot of concepts in this video series. You will learn about Fragments, RecyclerView, adapters. You will also learn about Sqlite Database. How to manage audio media player. How to play audio files from database and many more.

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    công thắng huỳnh 05/16/2020 6:08 pm Reply
  • Bhai voice recorder app banna doge

    Pubg Toornament 05/16/2020 6:08 pm Reply

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