5 PSYCHOLOGICAL Things That Make You LESS ATTRACTIVE To Women – How To Be MORE Attractive to Girls

In today’s video, we show you 5 Psychological Things That Make You Less Attractive To Women!
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Guys, did you know there are specific psychological things that make you less attractive to women? Figuring out exactly how to stop turning off women and the reasons girls think you’re unattractive is a necessary prerequisite to learning precisely how to be more confident and how to attract 99.9% of girls. In this animated dating advice video, we’re going to share the most common unattractive things guys don’t know they do and the psychological tricks to use to manipulate the secret law of attraction in your favor.

Want to be an alpha male? Want to attract women? Want to know the secret law of attraction. This video will give you the psych2go that you need to get any girl.

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  • 5:31 wtf just happened to her right hand??

    batman arkham secrets 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • MANTELLIGENCEDATING Do you remember me? I have a question. What are signs that
    you're in love with someone. I told you that there's this girl I
    like at my college, and she and I were in the same psychology class two
    years ago, when we often chatted and got along. We rarely get to see
    each other nowadays, but I always yearn those moments, after all this
    time since winter 2018. Only yesterday, I saw her at a
    table, and when she left, she saw me, smiled and waved, and I smiled and
    waved back. There was no way I was gonna bother her; she might have
    been on her way to class. I SO wanted to ask her out for coffee on our
    campus's Starbucks, and I'm extremely sad I missed my chance. The whole
    time I saw her, my heart was beating and my hand was shaking while I was
    working on an art project. I wanted her to come to me or say hi to her
    if she passed by me, but it looked she didn't have time, with the way
    she was going and only waving at me. This might sound silly, and I'm
    probably wrong, but I think I might be in love with her. What are the

    Jack Smith 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Even if 99. 9% of women doesn't like you, you still have about 51,000 women in each country who might like you because that's 0.9% of the female population in the world.

    Adnan Hulk 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Just awesome

    jubayer most wanted 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Nobody:

    Beardy’s hairline

    1000 subs with one vid challenge 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Girls don't like A holes…OK no reason to ever watch another video from you…you don't have a grasp on reality

    anonamous365 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Hii is anyone new YouTuber here if yes then comment yes #moderndayempire

    Modern Day Empire 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • "A guy was asking for advice on how to get better at talking to women, and people used the word practice.

    It bothers me and enrages me a lot when people use the word practice, because for women, there is no such thing as practicing talking to men because women's lives are on autopilot when it comes to talking to men since puberty, due to all of the constant attention they've been getting since then, women are forced to, have no choice but to learn how to talk to men, and they gain it right away by doing nothing since they don't have to open their mouth first."

    I read that on a forum, never truer words have been said or spoken.

    nobodysperfect06 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • 1.Pity Party Pete
    2.Passing Up Manning Up
    3.Too Close To Bros
    4.Forgetting The Chill Pill
    5.Language Disadvantage

    Amir Z 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Does beardy ever shave?

    The Pincay Report 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • I refuse to interact with crazy homeless. I don't bully them, I just avoid one when I see it.

    ChaoticEvilCanary 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Not very objective video.

    You are applying backwards logic tackling every issue.

    Rather than asking what are the roles between sexes and what attracts them you try to recall why did you like the guy who made you wet. That's purely subjective and cued by your ego that will never accept that your actions stem from primordial impulses and not a logical conclusion.

    Guy doesn't have to blend in to be attractive. In fact the opposite is true. Women don't mind sleeping with guys who don't even speak their language. Sex has nothing to do with verbal communication, although excelling at it could be a plus – just like every excellence you gain.

    You claim that 99.99% of women don't like jerks. Are you sure abut that? Direct evidence proves you wrong. The worst men in human history had the largest female "audience". Al Capone was a mass murderer, rapist etc. He even had a scar from raping a women that managed to fend him off by braking a glass bottle over his face. Yet once the public found out, his reputation with women INCREASED. I can give you endless number of examples if you want me to. Character has nothing to do with attractiveness on average (obviously there are exceptions).

    The Pete guy you mentioned isn't a real person, you just made him up, since you can't really objectively explain why you stop dating with somebody.
    Claiming that humour is very attractive is only partially true. While both genders love to laugh, being funny does not correlate with being attractive. You see, most of people find attractive people funny because they are attracted to them. It doesn't mean they are funny. Women will laugh at a guy's fart, if she is attracted to him. If the guy however was actually funny, but not attractive, he would be seen as needy. For an average looking guy it's crucial to balance humour with at least a resemblance of seriousness on a first few encounters.

    You mentioned that you can't get a girl without approaching her directly to initiate a relationship. That's just a nonsense.
    Women find 80% of men ugly (not average, straight up ugly). That doesn't mean they wouldn't date them once they got to know each other and the guy proves his other traits and qualities. The thing is, if an average looking guy who has things going for him approaches a women at places like a bar, you were already judged and declined before you have a chance to open your mouth. You don't stand a chance this way, however should you meet her at a place where you can demonstrate your competencies and assertiveness (at your hobby, work, etc) your chances are decent indeed.

    To sum it up:

    The video gives only partial information.
    Here are 3 key points, or aspects that women find attractive about men. Please do note, that this is a vast generalisation and individual women may find a particular quirks appealing, or repelling.

    1. Great looks: Tall, well build up, broad shoulders, short neck, symmetric face as little "body hair" as possible, gifted down there.
    2. Domineering / Jerk like character / assertiveness: One has to stay consistent in his believes, be assertive to prioritise himself and his direct beneficiary's. Don't apologise unless you made a genuine mistake. Don't be agreeable, but don't snap at people, disagree keeping your composure. Be dependable.
    3. Wealth and social status.

    Please note that none of these points is character. Women don't really care that much if you are a good being, or an ass (most of women, of course some do). As stated before, most of women would rather hook-up with a former convict rather than with a teacher, or a doctor.
    This is not me saying be an ass, I'm just clarifying common miss conceptions.

    Women of a different age play different amount of attention to those attributes, but make no mistakes, they do pay attention.
    Young ladies put almost maximum value into looks, as they old, the more they value other two aspects.

    Here are 3 key points that men find attractive about women:

    1. Great looks and youth (fertility).
    2. Kind, playful, down to earth character: one of the few things that can make a guy not going for an attractive lady as a partner is her being… less than friendly. If she were to start fights with his childhood friends and such.
    3. Lady-like character. Provided she as at least competent enough to sustain herself, men don't care about women's positions, or wealth.
    What matters is her ability to demonstrate being attentive, nurturing and caring for potential offspring's and partner.

    To tackle a miss conception women believe about what men wants: Ladies, men don't care about your wealth, titles and they don't want to date you after you get your career in your 40s.

    If you got offended by my observations than I don't care, you should probably rethink the way you think. Understanding is key.

    Ján Chovanec 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • I learned the first fact last year November about the pity party but now my personality has changed so much 😈😇

    Abishay Singh 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Not the best video

    QuadHawk8 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • I am 50 years old & modeled so much till engaged to marry.
    Man that choice of his was not only his.
    It was mine too.
    I might like intelligent people with humor.
    I love waiting to cuddle till not in public.
    Though going places together is awesome 👏
    I love to be trusted .
    It’s odd that though while moving to a new place.
    I never thought that small town people might not want to know me & it oddly might be they are BULLIED.
    So why ever want a person that did not tell others to keep thoughts to self.
    Meaning it’s true about not wanting the honey that’s all sexy if letting their bro tell them what to do “ DUDE” hey guys that know a female that sounds or looks like a female .
    Why not never called them dude.
    If I dated a man & he called his mother or sisters dude/s ha ha manners .
    I want a guy that helps friends only after caring about himself first .
    Spare time is great & guys to get their friends to do all the things they should be doing in my mind is not who I want.
    Less they paid the friends .
    Just my thoughts 💭
    Still friends and waiting ha ha.
    Good stay friends with them.
    Do not ever brake to bro code ..
    What ever made up thing that is .
    If you are living in a place with your ex & kids awesome 👏
    Work it out or move .
    In with other people who are parents too.
    It is wrong to tell others you’re for them & not at all .
    Because living in lies sucks.
    They not to lie about that one.
    It’s okay to flirt or smile 😀
    Don’t be touching on others if already in relationship.
    If you want a faithful woman 👩🏻
    You need to respect ✊
    No beating up who you’re dating if late home .
    If others leave a sexy message on your cell voicemail.
    Let who is pregnant with your baby call the person who thought okay to do that.
    Because it might be a jealous person who knows you don’t cheat .
    That got your numbers.
    It’s crazy & true .
    I don’t think 🤔 it’s fair .
    Yet if you want to true love.
    Trust who you’re with .
    If you don’t then instincts ..
    I can’t tell you who you should not date .
    Shy Lady Here.
    I wouldn’t be a mom if sons father had not come to me many times till I said I do.
    I said it to being married.
    Not like it was a race to be married.
    Okay 👌 I had spoken to my mother & sisters about it.
    1998 & then married the next year oddly enough.

    Stars Sparkle Magically 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Clinginess ruins not only the seductive process but also other interpersonal relationships

    O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • If you want to be tough come to live in Dagestan.

    Ognjen Radić 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Lol
    True love is true love

    MLM style 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • How to seduce women…

    Priya Duggal 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • I like the blondes

    No Ragrets 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply
  • Am I first? I was here just to see the summary lol

    Arpit Singh 04/29/2020 8:07 am Reply

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