10 Instant Ways To Be More Attractive To Women (Proven By Science)

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Video Summary:
0:01 – Keep your chin up
0:46 – Show more skin
1:22 – Be mindful
3:02 – Master fragrance
3:47 – Be proud-not happy
4:19 – Wear sunglasses
4:53 – Get attractive friends
5:18 – Grow stubble
5:58 – Signal high status
6:58 – Show kindness

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    Another great video? Do Women Like Emojis? – https://youtu.be/YMGQG1PyjO4?list=PLbAUemeg-KydIpAyHAnFXtYnzvTNSRo-4

    Video Summary:

    0:01 – Keep your chin up

    0:46 – Show more skin

    1:22 – Be mindful

    3:02 – Master fragrance

    3:47 – Be proud-not happy

    4:19 – Wear sunglasses

    4:53 – Get attractive friends

    5:18 – Grow stubble

    5:58 – Signal high status

    6:58 – Show kindness

    Real Men Real Style 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Thank you seargant..

    brownpunk 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Kalau hidung pesek gkpas pke kacamata

    Muhammad Zacky 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • M

    Angel Velazquez 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Chin up means where I live you will step into dogshit or stumble into a sewer because a puthole is missing. So I just watch where I walk.I don't give a shit what other people think, fuck em it's my life.

    Pfirtzer 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Women are attracted to rich men

    Warga pra sejahtera 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Top 10 things that makes a man instantly sexier

    1: confidence
    2: join the millitary
    3: wear that uniform

    But for serious uniforms have a sort of power that instantly makes a man more manly

    joseph stalin 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • If this guy said to jump off a bridge I'd say bye bye

    #TEAM TRUMP 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Thanks bro you are so genius and handsome guy

    Ali Haider 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Love you for India friend
    I like you all videos … 😊😊👍♥️

    VAMSHi tick 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • how i wish you were a woman to show us ladies to dress better in complete detail…

    Ramlan Man 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • 11. Don't be ugly.

    Alvin Soto 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • This video helps you get a gold digger

    Cruster Master 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • 1) Be buff
    2) Be attractive
    3) see #1
    4) if #1 and #2 complete, jump to #10
    5) Try #1-2 again
    6) Get a lot of money
    10) You are now attractive

    SecularDogma 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Step #9
    Show women your high status with your income….lmao
    Gents, you don't want that kind of lady. Some female who likes your wealth over who you are is a snatch. Bust those cheeks and toss her aside. Find a ride or die chick. Not hood, you know what I mean.

    Joe Manfredi 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Strange thing, my girlfriend didn't care for my stubble when I'd orally pleasure her. Said it was too rough. Now that it's more of a short beard, it doesn't bother her.

    gary rossington2 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • I've watched this a few times, lots of nuggets.

    acorn sucks 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Think its funny how this video was published the same day as my birthday. Love that

    MacheteTalk Studios 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Antonio I Didn't find some of those points you included to instantly become attractive!thanks man for those ones❤

    Usman Mirza 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Most of studies are done on university campuses. So it measures more the habits of young millennials on campuses. Take with grain of salt. Except the car issue. Hypergamy has shown this for a long time. But with the destructive fa,ily courts, you don’t want this woman anyway.

    Vince White 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Thanks for the tips!

    Samuel Mendoza 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Yeah because nobody gives a rat's ass about a woman's confidence

    nobodysperfect06 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • You talk too damn fast. SLOW DOWN. It's like you need to pee

    Sagiri Izumi 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • "Rising tides are gonna lift all ships"

    Gurbaz Singh 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Video summary 👌 great touch.

    Erick Barrientos 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • instant attractiveness = smashing the subscribe link for RMRS 💥

    SANJOLOCO 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Bentley vs Ford Festiva!! lol 🙂 …….Seriously what is with all the dislikes on this channel? Antonio and his brand is worth a daily investment..:)

    W.C 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • RMRS you know how to change my life and my day because of you a lot of people like me more and come to me Thanks for everything

    Adrian Hanekom 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Do you think it's best to have a signature scent or changing scent from one to another? I'm bearded and I'm planning on getting a few beard balms with different scents (cedar wood, cologne, citrus, …) so I can use the balm I want to use in the morning and trying to know which scent a woman prefers?.

    Shax23 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Unless you're Paul Newman have a good job, don't be gay, and don't be married.

    Patrick S 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • How do you know which one of your mates is attractive? I’m genuinely not joking here but my best mate is an ugly cunt. He was a football hooligan from the age of 17 (he’s now 28) so he’s got blood stained teeth, scared knuckles on his right hand, nose isn’t quite straight, shaven head, ginger beard, looks old as fuck because his face has been getting swollen up every weekend for 11 years, cocaine and larger every weekend, scars off stanly knives yet he always gets good looking birds and they come up to him. So he is a properly ugly boy but clearly there’s women who think differently. So my point is how do we deduce who’s good looking?

    Me 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Did anyone else start laughing when he started talking about the sunglasses and the next cut was him wearing some 🤣 idk why that was even funny

    Case J 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • 4:10 I call BS on that study 🤣 I agree that a proud image can reflect inner confidence but "Shame Face" coming in 2nd is far fetched. To me, a negative expression suggests something is wrong with said person or there's a lack of confidence. Bottom line: it's a red flag. Many people (men and women) who I've known who have the Face of Shame have had the habit of complaining about their problems- that's not cute!

    Also, the study doesn't reveal who the test-takers were. Like attracts like so it would make sense that a person with a similar self-image finds another person with similar qualities attractive.

    Sy Guzman 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Great tips .. thank you for sharing 👏💪💪

    Mehdi Scent 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • That's what the Bible says. Kindness makes a person attractive.

    Douglas Ray III 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • oh god please no cologne! Axe is the worst.

    S S 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • 4:54 The Cheerleader Effect.

    vaibhav prabhudesai 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Shit… I've got a Ford Fiesta. XD

    Spirituality1980 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Excellent Antonio. Thank you

    Constitution Party Maryland Affiliate 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Were you in the army?

    Dilipa Weeratunga 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Is being with attractive people also called the Cheerleader effect??

    Pranav Jha 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
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    JC OI 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Lovely to see the old intro. The new one was great too but this one is just more iconic, its more classic. Keep it up Antonio

    Philipp Starlinger 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply
  • Super!

    DudeFromDust 02/16/2020 4:30 pm Reply

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